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Streamlined Storage: A Symphony of Functionality & Style

This small-space design maximizes every inch with precision, blending seamless functionality with a touch of elegance. The central door placement opens up a world of storage possibilities, making this area a true asset to any home or business.


    • Client: Small backroom storage
    • Cabinetry: Ashton Shaker/MDF/Painted Morning Dew
    • Countertop: Laminate Walnut Wood Print

Functional harmony

The central door serves as the focal point, offering access to a storage unit designed for ultimate utility. On the left, a combination of cabinets, bench seat, and coat hooks create an ensemble tailored for effortless organization and a convenient place to don or doff outdoor wear.

Display nook delight

A small counter area nestled within the cabinetry, invites the display of cherished items or acts as a designated spot for keys. It’s a practical touch that adds a dash of personalization to the space, ensuring everything has its place.

Pantry-style panache

On the right, a pantry-style storage area stands tall and proud. Its capacious design offers ample space for everything from linens to supplies, maintaining a clutter-free environment.

Timeless elegance in detail

The Ashton Shaker/MDF doors, painted in Morning Dew, exude a sense of freshness and purity. Their clean lines and classic design add a touch of sophistication to the functional heart of the space.

Walnut warmth

The laminate walnut wood print countertop introduces a natural element and brings warmth to the space. Its wood grain texture adds visual interest and complements the overall aesthetic with an inviting touch.

Efficiency meets style

This backroom storage solution exemplifies our commitment to crafting spaces that seamlessly blend efficiency with style. Every element, from the placement of the central door to the choice of cabinetry, has been meticulously designed for maximum impact and efficiency.

Final thoughts

This small backroom solution is more than just a storage area β€” it’s a testament to our dedication to creating spaces that enhance both functionality and style. It showcases how thoughtful design choices can transform even the most compact spaces into areas of seamless organization and visual appeal.

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Focused view of custom coat tree and bench area in newly renovated mudroom
Side view of custom mudroom cabinetry in Ashton Shaker MDF
Modern custom cabinetry in updated neutral tones with black hardware
Wide view of mudroom after renovation with custom cabinetry