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We’re incredibly proud of our portfolio. We invite you to explore projects that range from retail facelifts to full residential overhauls. 

White and grey custom cabinetry by SSP Cabinetry

Transforming Small Spaces: Kitchen Renovation

Explore our elegant small kitchen renovation featuring Shaker Ashton/MDF cabinets. Witness the magic of design and functionality in a compact space.

Project Spotlight: Seamless Open-Concept Transformation

A magnificent open-concept renovation that effortlessly marries the kitchen and living room into a harmonious, inviting space.

Custom hutch and built-in cabinetry by SSP Cabinetry — eastern Ontario
Wide view after kitchen remodel with custom cabinetry and island

Open-Concept Kitchen Makeover with Shaker Elegance

We’re thrilled to unveil an open-concept kitchen renovation that beautifully blends the warmth of walnut and the timeless elegance of Shaker design.

Spotlight: A Modern Marvel of Space Utilization

A full modern update that demonstrates the art of space utilization and storage optimization.

Custom hutch and built-ins
Overall view of kitchen with custom cabinetry with island and custom sideboard by SSP Cabinetry and Millwork

Transformation Spotlight: Open-Concept Elegance

This transformation includes matching storage cabinetry designed to resemble a server which completes a space that’s functional and elegant.

Whole-Home Overhaul: Airy Open Kitchen, Multi-Functional Laundry & Stylish Accent Wall

A large-scale project that redefines space utilization with a blend of functionality and beauty.

Wide view of open-concept country kitchen with exposed red brick and custom cabinets
Rich blue-toned lower cabinetry

Client Spotlight: Elevating the Riverside Retail Experience

A reimagination of a business space that perfectly marries the charm of riverside living with a clean and inviting retail atmosphere. 

Client Spotlight: Village Bud Storefront Cabinetry

This project was tailored for Village Bud — a storefront that required both security and style.

Custom secure wall cabinetry with integrated locks by SSP Cabinetry and Millwork
Wide view of mudroom after renovation with custom cabinetry

Streamlined Storage: A Symphony of Functionality and Style

This small-space overhaul maximizes every inch with precision, blending seamless functionality with a touch of elegance.

Dramatic Kitchen Overhaul: From Country Cookin' to Modern Cuisine

We updated this country kitchen with stylish modern cabinetry and maintained its classic charm.

Custom secure wall cabinetry with integrated locks by SSP Cabinetry and Millwork