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Client Spotlight: Village Bud Storefront Cabinetry

We’re excited to showcase our latest project tailored for Village Bud β€” a storefront that required both security and style. This bespoke cabinetry features cabinets in a wood print melamine door, laminate countertops in a Concrete print, and custom glass with integrated locks that ensure a seamless blend of functionality and aesthetics.


    • Client: Village Bud storefront
    • Cabinetry: Wood-print Melamine
    • Countertop: Concrete-print laminate
    • Custom glass: Integrated locks

Functional elegance

The choice of wood-print melamine cabinets adds a touch of natural warmth, while the concrete-print laminate countertops provide a contemporary industrial edge. The addition of custom glass with integrated locks ensures security and adds a sleek, modern aesthetic.

Secure storage solutions

Security was paramount in this project. The custom glass with integrated locks offers peace of mind, safeguarding valuable items while maintaining a transparent view of the storefront. This combination of security and transparency ensures a seamless customer experience.

Public-facing display

Display shelving on the reception counter invites customers to explore featured products. This interactive element enhances customer engagement, allowing Village Bud to showcase their offerings in an inviting and organized manner.

Tailored to perfection

Every aspect of this project was meticulously designed to align with Village Bud’s brand identity and operational needs. The result is a cohesive and functional cabinetry solution that elevates the storefront’s overall aesthetic.

Final thoughts

The Village Bud storefront cabinetry project exemplifies our commitment our clients’ needs. The blend of functional design and secure storage options ensures that Village Bud can operate seamlessly, providing their customers with a safe and visually appealing shopping environment.

If you need custom solutions for your business that marry form and function, we’re here to bring your vision to life. Let’s discuss your project today.

Wide view of Village Bud custom cabinetry that blends security and style
Custom retail countertop and cabinetry
View of custom storefront cabinetry for Village Bud
Custom secure wall cabinetry with integrated locks by SSP Cabinetry and Millwork